One way to respond to a classmate's comment would be to....

  1. ...share what it means to me
  2. with other comments
  3. ...relate comment to broad course goals
  4. ...relate comment to the readings
  5. ...relate comment to weekly/session topics
  6. ...relate it to outside research

Query & Develop:
  1. ...pose a question
    1. elaborate a point
    2. clarify a phrase or idea
    3. 'what do you mean by __'
  2. ...challenge the speaker to defend their claim
  3. ...propose an alternative point of view
  4. ...provide an anecdote or example that confirms or critiques it
  5. ...agree, disagree, or modify
    1. ...clarify speaker's position
    2. ...agree to disagree (and move on)
    3. ...agree and elaborate
  6. ..add to their statement
    1. facts / events / concepts / stories / opinions
  7. ...just listen
  8. devil's advocate

  9. ...request references
  10. ...explain reasoning/logic
  11. ...share an emotional response
  12. ...provide constructive feedback on comment
    1. Say what you agree/disagree with and WHY.
  13. appreciation for something you've learned
  14. ...use body language
    1. eye contact

  15. ...summarize the point
  16. ...question discussion's direction and goals
  17. ...take a poll
Discussion Norms

Ask peers for their opinions
Pose questions to class or individuals
Respect everyone's opinion whether you agree or disagree
Don't get too emotional
Listen attentively
Assume there is something to learn from everyone
Staying objective (allow for biases; avoid sentimentality)
Look for ways to keep the conversation relevant and focused
Get outside our comfort zones (sometimes)
Ask for, and offer, clarification from peers and instrctor (No dumb questions)
Offer suggestions and solutions to Qs that are asked
Understand the place, time, and audience
Don't drown anybody out
Use respectful body language (eg. eye contact)
When expressing opinions, explain why you have that opinion, be specific
Experiment with taking positions
Listen charitably (give people the benefit of the doubt)
Make points from positions of experience and knowledge
Admit when we don't know something
Don't interrupt
Be mindful of how long we are speaking for
Respectfully disagree
Get to the point (GABRIEL!)