IMPORTANT: If you are presenting on Friday (Colin, Grant, Jacob, Selamawit, and Xueting) you should come to class with as much of your presentation completed as possible.
On Wednesday everyone will get into groups based on your presentation date to discuss and refine your presentations.
Bring as much of your work as you can to class.
For today, read this short article called "Values Americans Live By" by L. Robert Kohls.
It is important to remember that these values are not held by everyone.
This article does describe a certain set of beliefs that are widely held by many, especially those in socially dominant groups.
It was written in 1984 as a guide for people from outside the US.

Your presentations should address how these beliefs affect your topic.
You should select one or more of these values and comment on how they appear in your topic and what effects they have.
This would be especially well suited in your introduction and conclusion.
Keep in mind how these values influence your thesis, evidence, discussion, and conclusions.

Select TWO values.
In approximately 250 words, write a post in the comments below describing how they relate to your chosen topic.
Discuss the values and their effects in direct relation to specific aspects of your topic.
Use words deliberately.
Don't use more words than you need to.
Don't use complicated words if you don't need to.

What is your topic and what is your thesis about it?
How do each of your TWO selected values relate to your thesis?
Do they influence the way people think about or discuss the issue. How?
How does identifying the connections between these values and your issue improve our understanding?