For Wednesday watch the following two videos respond to the questions below.

Kathi Weeks: The American Work Ethic and Hours for What We Will

You should take notes on both videos.

Copy and paste the questions and write your responses in a new blog post entitled "The American Ideology of Work."
Paste the URL in the comments below.

Your responses should be grounded in specific parts of the videos.
Write 2-3 sentences in response to each question below.
  1. What is Calvinism? How does it relate to the idea of the American work ethic?
  2. According to Weber, how might Calvinism shape our relationship to work today?
  3. What does Weeks mean when she refers to an American ideology of work?
  4. How does she discuss coercion and consent?
  5. What are some of the problems she is identifying?
  6. Why are these things problems to her?
  7. What alternatives interest her?