Your assignment is to complete three readings and write a LONG blog post.
Note that you must take notes on each, but you need only to print #1.
Below each reading I have include a few questions to guide your note-taking.

1) PRINT and read this fascinating piece written in 2013 by two historians of science from the perspective of the year 2074. It is a great mixture of science fiction and history but it is a longer read, so plan accordingly.
  • What is the "Period of the Penumbra"?
  • What do the authors consider "the most astounding fact" of "this tragic period of human history?
  • What two "two inhibiting ideologies" do they blame for this fact?
    • How do they describe each one? What are the specific effects of each one?
  • Who are the Koch brothers?
  • How can you connect the Koch brothers to the issue discussed in the paragraph that spans pages 51-52?
  • How does this specific example represent larger trends or issues?

2) Read this article about a geophyscist name Brad Werner who presented a paper entitled "Is Earth Fked" at the American Geophysical Union’s fall meeting in 2012. Also featured in the article is OSU's own Jason Box, an internationally known climate researcher who was arrested alongside more than 1,000 other protesting a proposed tar sands pipeline in 2011 outside the White House.
  • What is Werner's research trying to answer?
  • How does it connect to article #1 above?
  • What does Werner think is causing the problems he identifies?
  • Does his research suggest a possibility for hope?
  • Does he think that catastrophe can be avoided? If so, how? If not, why?
  • According to the scientists interviewed is there such a thing as "neutral" science?
    • Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

3) Read this short statement by members of NYU Divest, an organization at NYU pushing for the school to divest from carbon-based energy companies.
  • Should climate change should be considered a form of oppression?
  • Are you convinced by their argument? Why or why not?
  • How can you connect this to terms discussed in class?

Your post should respond primarily to article #1, but you should include discussion of articles #2 and #3. I want you to produce a clear and succinct thesis statement in response to the readings. Then, using the content of these three articles, defend your claim systematically using textual evidence. Your personal opinion should only appear in the beginning and the end of the composition, shaping the thesis and the conclusion. See here for thesis guidance. You are not expected to produce a media analysis for this post, so disregard that line of the rubric.
  • What is similar or different in the texts? Do these similarities and differences matter? Why?
  • Where do you see the authors agreeing or disagreeing? So what?
  • What course concepts can you identify in these articles? Where? What do they show us?
  • What is the work being done? Is it the right goal? Is it effective?

Sample Outline:
  1. Intro with an interesting and specific 'hook' and a strong thesis
  2. Evidence 1
  3. Evidence 2
  4. Evidence 3
  5. Conclusion with a summary of how you addressed your thesis statement and a discussion of its larger significance