No class today, choose one (or more) of the films below.
You should view around 90-120 minutes of video content.
This can be either a single item or multiple videos.
Take notes as your watch
Your notes should be about the specific content of the films, and about your reactions. Keep track of what video you are responding to.
The brief thoughts that occur while reading texts and watching films are very good sources of learning.
If you find videos on your own, you may view them and take notes, but only if you can defend their quality and relevance.

I will be posting the blog assignment for Monday in a day or two.
It will be very broad, encouraging you to make your own decisions.
For now watch, think, take lots of notes, and begin pre-writing.

I have placed two films on reserve through OSU's digital media service.
"Life and Debt" and "TambiƩn la lluvia (Even the Rain)"

Both are great, but the second one is perfect for our class.

If the video quality is poor, I would encourage you to track down the DVD version of these films through the OSU library.