For today, please watch three of the videos below.
Then select and read a current events article about a recent environmental justice campaign.
You should rely on our in-class discussion and posted resources of how to select sources and how to ask good questions.

These videos provide history and context on the topic of environmental justice and environmental racism.
Take notes on your thoughts and feelings as you watch.
Do your best to connect the issues discussed in the videos to our class discussions.
Here are some questions to help you start making those connections.

How are issues of gender, race, class present?
What are the effects of the economic and socio-cultural aspects of neoliberalism on these conflicts?
How would you describe the conflicts narrated in these videos?
What kinds of knowledge is accepted or rejected by those who hold institutional power?
What example of these conflicts can you think of from your own lives?

In the comments below provide:
1) A brief summary of the issue and news article and how it connects to other readings and discussions.
----(Up to 200 of your own words; include the article URL)
2) Any terms and definitions that you think are important.
3) One or two questions you have in response to the article, especially questions that connect to our discussions.