Our task on Monday is to link trace the relationship between so-called 'America Culture' and neoliberalism.

Your assignment over the weekend has three parts.
1) Reading #1: The last half of They Say I Say.
2) Reading #2: Take notes on this short chapter describing America's founding ideals.
3) Videos: View the videos, take notes in response to the questions, look up new concepts, and complete the assignment below.

VIDEO 1: Money & Debt: Crash Course World History 202
Consider what John Green has to say about the origins of the money system.
  • How would you describe the conventional beliefs about money he is arguing against?
  • What is he arguing for? How does he suggest we understand the origin of money?
  • Why does he think this history matters?
  • Do you agree that it matters? Why or Why not?

VIDEO 2: RSA Animate - Crises of Capitalism
This video was extracted from a full lecture by, internationally renowned economic geographer David Harvey. In it he presents multiple explanation for the financial crises, a sketch of how capitalism functions, and the problems that may be built into this economic model. He argues that the world needs to serious consider alternatives economic models that prioritize human happiness, environmental responsibility, and economic equality.
  • What are the common explanations for what caused the financial crisis?
  • What does Harvey think about these explanation?
  • What explanation does he suggest instead?
  • Do you think his argument has merit? Why or why not

In the video, contributors describe the various meanings that have been attributed to the term "neoliberalism," the neoliberal economic policies developed through the IMF and the World Bank, and the usefulness of "neoliberalism" as an organizing rubric for contemporary scholars and activists. Drawing from research on immigration policy, the prison-industrial complex, poverty management, and reproductive rights, they sketch some of neoliberalism's intersections with gender, sexuality, race, class, and nation.
  • What are some of the most important things you learned in this video?
  • What are the similarities and differences between different uses of the term 'neoliberalism'?
  • What in this video reminds you of debates and issues you've seen in the news media or in your everyday lives?

  • Look at the table below.
  • I have assigned each of you one of the speakers from VIDEO #3.
  • Jot down the timecode for your assigned speaker on your first viewing.
  • Rewatch VIDEO #3, especially the section with your assigned speaker and take detailed notes on their definition and any terms or phrases that are new to you.

In the comments section below, you are to paste the following 5 items.
  1. The title of your comment should be "(Your Speaker's name) - Neoliberalism Definition + New Terms"
  2. In the body of the comment, compose a short paragraph summarizing your speaker's key points. (100-200 words, carefully chosen, be specific!)
  3. Below that paragraph please select 2 words/phrases/concepts used by your assigned speaker and then write your OWN definitions in 1-3 sentences
    1. Pick terms/concepts with which you are NOT familiar ---Please cite the sources you use, and always use reputable sources
  4. Below your definitions paste the URL to a SHORT blog post entitled "Blog Post #1: Neoliberalism and American Ideals"
    1. For this blog post I want you to discuss how the ideals described in reading #2 above relate to the definition of neoliberalism offered by your speaker. Select 2-3 ideals discussed in the reading and connect them to specifics of your assigned speaker's definition.
  5. After the URL, paste the final sentences of your post where you describe what you'd like to discuss in class.

This will be graded following the SHORT rubric described here.

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