The assignment for Monday is for you to read the first half of a small book, and write a very short response.

The book is called "They Say I Say." It is a good introduction to norms of academic writing and conversation.

Please read it carefully and keep it accessible, because I am expecting you to use it as a reference in your own writing throughout the semester.

Pay attention to the suggestions and the templates in the book, and be sure to think carefully about how you can use them while writing.

Reading due (beginning through page 100):

Homework due (on blog, link pasted below):
1) Pages 100-101 - Exercise #1
---Your blog post should be titled "They Say I Say - Exercise 1"
---You should share the links to the pieces of writing you discuss at the top of the entry.
In light of recent events in South Carolina and Ohio, I am suggesting that you look at articles about the attack in South Carolina or the incident in Fairfield OH.
Don't stop with the links above.
Look into both to see how it's being discussed differently.
---Your discussion should be around 200-250 words total