The assignment to be read for Wednesday's class is as follows.
1. Read the following two articles (neither is very long) and as you read identify points that you find important or confusing.
Article 1
Article 2
2. Come to class with 3 good* questions about "Article 1" to discuss.
--These should be posted as comments on this page. (See below)
--They should relate directly to the article.
--You can pose a question to the author or to our class.

*What counts as a good question?
  • A good question is sometimes hard to answer.
    • Indeed, it is good practice to pose questions to which you do not know the answer.
    • You can pose such a question, and then share your ideas about how to begin answer it.
      • What definitions ought we clarify?
      • What additional information we might need?
      • Where/how might we find such information?

  • You should be able to make a strong case for why answering it matters.
    • This will depend partially on your perspective.
    • You should however be able to consider what are the stakes for answering a particular question.