Hello and welcome to the final page of our course together. :-(

Below you will find the instructions for your presentations and the grading rubric.

Your presentation must be 10-13 minutes in length. (About 1,200 words, but time yourself reading it out loud)
You may include a visual aid if (and only if) it adds to your presentation's clarity. You are not required to use one.
You should produce a fully written presentation, to which you should refer during your presentation.
You do not need to offer extensive background on your sources during your presentation.
--This is true unless the claim is contentious and you think your argument seems weak without that background.

You must submit your presentation before class on the day you present.
It should be posted as a blog post, in the comments below, in the following format:
Title of comment should read "Presentation Blog Post -- YOUR TOPIC HERE"
Body of comment should have your post's URL.

Upon reflection I would like your presentation blog post to be properly edited for spelling, grammar, sentence construction.
I know this is not exactly what I said in class, but this class is supposed help you practice your writing skills.
You may leave in your verbal cues, but it should generally be polished enough for public viewing.
You MUST include full citations at the end of your blog post.